Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with MPX

Published by Australian National Clinical Evidence Taskforce on Dec 19, 2022


The consortium is seeking NHMRC approval of the guideline under section 14A of the National Health and Medical Research Council Act 1992. As part of the approval process (and for the lifetime of the guidelines), public consultation is required. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Comments can be submitted via the feedback function under each recommendation in MAGICapp or by emailing

These clinical guidelines are a general guide to appropriate practice, to be followed subject to the clinician’s judgement and the patient’s preference in each individual case. The guidelines are not intended to be proscriptive. They are designed to provide information to assist decision making and have been informed by the highest quality evidence available at the time of compilation. Accordingly, the parties involved in the development of these guidelines shall have no liability to any users of the information contained in this publication for any loss or damage, cost or expense incurred or arising from reliance on the information contained in this publication.


Development of the Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with MPX is funded by the the Walter Cottman Endowment Fund, managed by Equity Trustees.